Lincoln Prep Faculty & Staff

Please find an alphabetized listing of the Lincoln Prep administration, faculty and staff.

Ashton, Brandon »

Humane Letters II, Poetry I

Bahr, Steph »

Lit/Comp I, US History

Severa, Jeni

Academy Giving Manager

480 222 1507

Baugh, Christa »

Greek I, Greek II, Humane Letters III

Bodnar, Samuel »

Pre-Algebra, Logic & Coding

Bradley, Jenn

Athletic Director

Canete, Lumilius »

Intro to Music, Music Theory III, Music Theory IV

Corcos, Rachel

College Counselor

Gard, Dema »

H. French III, H. French IV, Economics

Gove, Robert »

Latin I, Ancient History, Med. History

Green, Ira »

Humane Letters I, Lit/Comp II

Harris, Christopher »

Intro to Studio Art, Studio Art I

Harris, Laura »

H. French I, H. French II

Kennon, Drakeford »

Economics, Med. History, PE

Landis, Michele »

ESS Coordinator, Dean of Middle School Students

Lizarrage, Nora

ESS Aide

McParlane, John

Physics I, Physics II

Mitchell, Benjamin


Nguyen, Christy »

Honors Chemistry, Life Science

Pate, Seth

Lit/Comp III, Poetry I

Poudrier, Trevor »

Studio Art II, Studio Art III, Art IV

Revis, Roz

Office Manager

Rodriguez, Malachy »

Music Theory I, Music Theory II

Schauermann, Christa

Front Office Assistant

480 424 1796

Schmidt, Jonathan »

Lit/Comp I, US History, Lit/Comp II

Schubring, Paul »

Dean of Academics, Latin I, Humane Letters II

Thurau II, John Paul »

Rhetoric, Ancient History, Dean of HS Students

Tope, Eric

Assistant Headmaster

Villegas, Ryan »

Pre-Algebra, Latin I, Latin II, Latin IV

Warner, Joan

Director of Operations

Wenz, Michelle »

Physical Science, Earth Science

Yu, Jaehun »

Studio Art I, Studio Art II, Pre-Algebra