Lincoln Prep Faculty & Staff

Please find an alphabetized listing of the Lincoln Prep administration, faculty and staff.

Ashton, Brandon

Literature & Composition III, Poetry I

Bahr, Steph

Literature & Composition, US History

Baker, Sarah

Literature & Composition II, Drama, Poetry I

Baugh, Christa

Honors Latin V, Latin II, Greek I

Bodnar, Samuel

Math Fundamentals, Pre-Algebra

Bradley, Jenn

Athletic Director

Brimacombe, Marilyn

ESS Coordinator

Brundage, Dina

ESS Coordinator

Button, Jackie

Testing Coordinator

Corcos, Rachel

College Counselor

480 222 1502

Daun, Catherine

Latin III, Latin IV, Operations Lead

Desai, Rima

ESS Aide

Foshie, Aaron

Math Fundamentals, Physical Education

Frumkin, Nathan

Earth Science, Life Science

Graves, Corrie

Music, Music Theory

Gray, Natalie

Honors Physics I, Physical Science

Green, Ira

Lit/Comp, Lit/Comp II, US History

Harrah, Drew

Intro to Music, Medieval History

Harris, Christopher

Intro to Studio Art, Sutdio Art I

Harris, Laura

French I, French II, French III

Hobeheidar, Salimeh

Earth Science, Physical Science

Hodge, Jonathan

Ancient History

Kinsley, Caroline

Latin II

Logan, Kata

Earth Science, Honors Biology

Maza, Sarah

Algebra I, Honors Algebra II with Trig

Mitchell, Benjamin


Murphy, Meghan

Academy Giving Manager

480 222 1507

Mustard, Kim


Nguyen, Christy

Honors Chemistry, Life Science

Nichols, William

Latin I, Latin III

Posner, Colleen

Assistant Headmaster

Poudrier, Trevor

Art, Studio Art I, Studio Art II

Quenneville, Joshua

Honors Calculus I, Pre-Algebra

Revis, Roz

Assistant Office Manager

Rodriguez, Malachy


Schmidt, Jonathan

Literature & Composition, US History

Schubring, Paul

Dean of Academics, HL European Trad., Latin I

Somsen, Blake

Lit/Comp III, Spanish I, II, and III

Thurau II, John Paul

Ancient History, Economics, Honors Geometry, PE

Tomasson, Bri

Algebra I, Honors Geometry

Tope, Eric

Dean of Students, Humane Letters I

Warner, Joan

Office Manager