Traffic/Drive Line Procedures

To be good neighbors to the business center to the north of campus, please do not utilize their parking lots for student drop off or pick up. Our traffic congestion and having students walking through the bank drive line and parking spaces get in the way of their customers being able to utilize their stores and parking. Please be aware of this as you visit campus each day. 

The entrance for drop off and pick up is off of Stearman Rd. From Gilbert Rd, turn west onto Ryan just south of the school.  Make a right on Stearman Rd and enter the school at the first entrance. Do not access Stearman from Germann Rd as left turns into the school will not be permitted.

Traffic Flow Map for both Prep and Archway can be found on this map

The doors to the Prep building will open at 7:20am but you can drop off as early at 7:15am. The Prep campus closes at 3:30pm and all students must be off campus by then. The exception is if Prep siblings are waiting to pick up Archway siblings. The drop off and pick up times are:

Drop Off Times Pick Up Times
Archway Only 7:40-8:05 3:10-3:40
Prep & Archway  7:15-7:43 3:10-3:40
Prep Only 7:15-7:43 3:05-3:30

Prep Drivers/Walkers:

  • If your Prep student is driving to campus, they may park in the parking lot north of the Field and use the walkway on the west side of the building to come onto campus.
  • If your Prep student will be walking/riding a bike to campus, they are welcome to use any crosswalk to get onto campus.
  • If they are driving or walking onto campus with Archway siblings, they must enter through the East side with their siblings.
  • We do ask that your students are mindful of the surrounding businesses so they are not loitering before or after school.
  • There is a bike rack near the front office students can use to lock up their bikes.

Prep Driveline Drop Off:

  • You may begin dropping off your students to the east entrance as early at 7:15am. The doors will open at 7:20am.
  • If you have Prep and Archway students, you may drop them off beginning at 7:15am at the Prep entrance. An Archway teacher will be stationed at the door to help guide your Archway student beginning at 7:20am.
  • Once you drop off, please begin to exit campus.
  • Students may be dropped off in either outside lane; the center lane is where you pull into to exit once your students are out of the car. Students who exit in the outside lane will have a crossing guard to get them safely across traffic.
  • Please do not stop in the crosswalk.

Prep/Archway Driveline Procedure for Pick Up:

  • Parents picking up both Prep and Archway students enter the driveline from Stearman Drive using the southern entrance (the first one you come to if you are heading north on Stearman).
  • Stay in the right lane and follow the signs to eventually move left to the innermost lane closest to the school.
  • Have your blue driveline number ready and visible. An Archway faculty member must enter your driveline number into our dispatch system to indicate your Archway  student may leave class and head to meet their Prep sibling at the Library entrance in the Courtyard. If you do not have your placard, they cannot be dismissed from class and you will need to go to the Front Office for assistance.
  • Please inform your Prep student that their siblings will meet them at the Library as soon as their number is called. There are Archway teachers at the Library to help facilitate this process.

Prep Students who Pick Up Archway Siblings:

  • If you are not picking up your students, but your Prep student will be responsible for collecting their Archway siblings at the end of the day, please contact the Archway Front Office. They can then provide you with guidance on how to complete this.

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