Traffic/Drive Line Procedures

To be good neighbors to the business center to the north of campus, please do not utilize their parking lots for student drop off or pick up. Our traffic congestion and having students walking through the bank drive line and parking spaces get in the way of their customers being able to utilize their stores and parking. Please be aware of this as you visit campus each day. 

Traffic Information

The entrance for drop off and pick up is off of Stearman Rd. From Gilbert Rd, turn west onto Ryan just south of the school.  Make a right on Stearman Rd and enter the school at the first entrance. Do not access Stearman from Germann Rd as left turns into the school will not be permitted.

Traffic Map for both Prep and Archway can be found on this map

The drop off and pick up times are:

Drop Off Times Pick Up Times
Archway Only 7:40-8:05 3:10-3:40
Prep/Archway Siblings 7:15-7:43 3:05-3:40
Prep Only 7:15-7:43 3:05-3:30

CARLINE: If you have students who attend both Prep and Archway

  • All families with Archway and Prep students will pick up their students on the Prep side
  • Enter from S. Stearman Dr. (Prep Entrance) and use the Prep + Siblings carline (right lane)
  • As you approach the gym switch to the inside lane for Prep + Siblings (left lane)
  • Have your Family Placard visible for the staff member (please speak to Ms. Bluhm at Archway Lincoln if you need a new placard). Archway students with Prep siblings will not be dismissed until their numbers are submitted.
  • Please remain in the inside lane as you drive around to the Prep side. An Archway teacher will be present to assist should you need any help
  • Prep siblings will escort their younger sibling(s) to the Prep carline
  • Prep students are not allowed on the Archway campus during dismissal time and may not use the Archway carline


  • Archway siblings will only be released to Prep siblings if you have completed a walk-home waiver with Archway. Please reach out to them for directions on how to complete this.
  • Prep students do not need a waiver to leave campus after dismissal.
  • For Prep-only walk up, you may park in the lot by the field and walk up to campus using the crosswalk by the Archway building to get your students. They are also welcome to meet you at the parking lot if you do not want to go through the drive line. Please use the lot by the field and not our neighbors parking lots.

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