Second Semester Enrichment Courses will begin the week of January 24 and will end the week of May 16.

Informational meetings will be held the first week activities are open to allow your student to learn more about the activity before registering. These will take place at the same time as the activity itself. Please reach out to the course Lead if you have any questions about the course before signing up. Registration is required after the week of January 24. Registration takes place in the Payment Portal beginning the week of January 24. The links below will work starting on January 24. 

Enrichment Courses:

  • ECs are now semester based, meaning your registration now is good for January through May
  • The timing for all ECs is 3:30-4:30pm. All students should be picked up by 4:40pm.
  • All ECs have a capacity and once it has been met, we will close registration for the semester
  • The registration cost enrolls your student for the semester and cannot be refunded. No discount will be given if your student joins late or decides to leave early.
  • Students should be picked up on the East side of the school where normal pick-up and drop-off occur at the time the extra-curricular activity ends. The EC Lead will stay with all students there until everyone is picked up; students should not be picked up at the Front Office.
  • Please reach out to the EC Lead if you need to get a hold of your student during the course. As the Front Office closes at 3:45pm, only the EC Lead will be able to assist you. Please schedule ahead of time if you know you need to pick up your student early.
  • If school is not in session or it is a half day, there will not be any ECs. There are no ECs on Wednesdays to allow for faculty meetings and professional development.


  • Siblings are not allowed to be on campus while waiting for another sibling who is attending an EC unless they are also registered to be somewhere on campus during that time
  • Appropriate pick-up arrangements must be made for siblings if they are not participating in other activities on campus 

Second Semester Enrichment Course Offerings:

Seminar Preparation (New!)
When & Where: Mondays and Fridays in Room 410
Description: The Seminar Preparation enrichment course is intended to help students improve and deepen their participation in seminars in Humane Letters courses and encourage them to continue to explore the curriculum through Classics to Keep. The students will continue their exploration of major classics by looking back at texts that they have encountered in the curriculum with new perspectives, accompanied by new ways of discussing and approaching these familiar masterpieces. Students will learn to compare and contrast, to read closely, and to re-evaluate these classics. Students will be encouraged to continue their education both through continual exploration but also through the experience of re-visiting texts. Students will also deepen their ability to annotate and note take on readings with the aim that they will be able to lead their own seminar at the end of the semester. The overall goal of this course is to cultivate both the confidence of students in seminar and to deepen their appreciation of the skills and texts explored in the course.
Lead: Mr. Drakeford Kennon –

When & Where: Tuesdays in Room 313
Cost: $75.00
Description: This enrichment course will focus on building familiarity with and excellence while playing and observing chess. This means students will learn and practice chess strategies (fundamentals, openings, recognizing patterns, making the best moves, and endgames), understand and record chess notation for every game played, and how to use a chess clock, all while demonstrating appropriate chess etiquette and sportsmanship.
Lead: Mr. Trevor Poudrier –

Wind Ensemble
When & Where: Mondays & Thursdays in Room 311
Cost: $75.00
Description: Wind Ensemble is a platform for students to learn a wind instrument and perform in a large ensemble. The ensemble learns original and transcribed literature from the art music repertoire. Wind Ensemble students hone their musical abilities on wind instruments, which include the flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, and tuba. Students learn a plethora of tangible and intangible abilities such as proper breath control, body posture, group work, how to balance, tuning, fine motor skills, and eye hand coordination. The Wind Ensemble will perform on the Fall Middle School concert on December 1, 2021. In addition, they will perform the National Anthem at select Varsity home games throughout the school year.
Lead: Dr. Rodriguez –

When & Where: Mondays in Room 309
Cost: $75.00 + $15.00 for additional supplies
Description: The Portraiture workshop will look at all the various ways and techniques that artists use in order to render the likeness of another human being on a 2-dimensional surface. This course is designed to help students gain a deeper appreciation for the timeless practice of portraiture art. Students will further improve their draftsmanship skills by learning how to render another humans likeness through precise measuring and keen observation of their subject matter.
Lead: Mr. Harris –

When & Where: Thursdays in Room 309
Cost: $75.00 + $75.00 for additional supplies
Description: The clay sculpting workshop will teach students the classical methods of constructing classical busts in clay and then cold casting through the use of molds and resins. This enrichment course is meant to expose students to the classical method of creating 3-dimensional art by first constructing your figure from clay, then creating a mold, and finally by casting it in a semi-permanent or permanent material.
Lead: Mr. Harris –  

World Languages – Korean
When & Where: Mondays in Room 314
Cost: $75.00 + $30.00 for additional supplies & books
Description: Korean Language Program: The beginner Korean will introduce Hangul (Korean alphabets) and provided students with a foundation of Korean language skills in all the areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Students will learn to communicate on various daily topics such as greetings, family, location, food, daily activities, and neighborhood. Korean is an increasingly important language on the world stage because of South Korea’s powerful economy and growing presence in Asian art culture. A significant population of Korean in Brazil, Canada, Japan, Russia, and the former USSR, as well as the United States, also count Korean as their heritage language, and some 75 million people worldwide speak Korean. Learning Korean enriches students to prepare for their future because knowing another language and appreciating other cultures are skills that last a lifetime.
Lead Name: Ms. Yu –

Horticulture Society
When & Where: Thursdays in the Courtyard
Cost: $75.00
Description: The Lincoln Horticultural Society exists at Lincoln Prep to provide a forum for the discussion of topics related to gardening as part of the classical, liberal arts and sciences. Students and teachers alike will seek truth, beauty, and goodness in the soils around us. Students will be provided with basic gardening tools and a mason’s trowel.
Lead Name: Dr. Mitchell –

If you have any questions, you may reach out to the Enrichment Course Lead Teacher. Registration questions can come to Jenn Bradley at or Joan Warner at