• Middle School Lunch: 11-11:25am, followed by Lyceum in the classrooms from 11:25-11:50am
  • High School Lunch: 12:05-12:30pm, followed by Lyceum in the classrooms from 12:30-12:55pm
  • There is no lunch on half days, including Wednesdays

The PSO, who runs the hot lunch program, has developed partnerships with several neighboring restaurants and by ordering you are not only supporting those businesses, but you will also be showing your support to your PSO as well. The proceeds generated by the lunch program will go directly back to the school, teachers, or the kids to use where the needs are greatest.

Lunch service will begin on Monday, August 8! This year we will be serving Honey Baked Ham on Mondays, Brooklyn V’s on Tuesdays, Someburros on Thursdays, and Chick-fil-A on Fridays. The Snack Bar will be available during lunch every day that lunch is served. BOONLI provides us with a secure, fast, and easy-to-use online ordering system. Registration is now open, and lunch ordering will begin on Monday, July 25.

How do I register for the hot lunch program?

  • Visit this website
  • Click Create an Account
    • The password is LPA23
  • Enter the required information and click Submit
  • Enter the information for your students in Add Profile (repeat for any additional students)
  • Click I’m Done and Sign In

Program Information

  • Food or policy questions? Please email Kim Searcy at psolunch@lincolnprep.org
  • For more information on our lunch program, please visit lincolnpreppso.wordpress.com/school-lunches/
  • Technical support questions? Please email support@boonli.com
  • Boonli accepts debit card or credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, and Discover
  • Be sure to proceed to checkout and process your payment. Orders left in the shopping cart will not be processed
  • There is a $5 annual registration fee that is charged with your first order

Once your account is set up, you can begin ordering! We need parent volunteers to help us distribute the lunches. All volunteers need to have clearance through the Raptor systemClick the link for more details on volunteering for the lunch program