Registration is open from Friday, April 12 through Monday, June 3 at 10am. 

Summer school courses are designed to help students develop fundamentals and prerequisite skills for the upcoming school year. Students receive weekly evaluations and a final grade. If a student is taking a course for credit recovery, a passing grade can replace the student’s failing grade from the previous school year. All classes run Monday through Thursday on campus. Please see the chart below for a full list of offerings, timing, and cost.

Most courses occur simultaneously so make sure to look at the dates and times before enrolling your student. Students may enroll in both math prep for prep and study skills as these are two-week courses that do not occur at the same time. Please direct questions about summer school to the Summer School Director, Dr. Michelle Paull, at Questions about registration and payment may be directed to our Director of Operations, Mrs. Joan Warner, at

Course Guarantee: All course offerings are dependent upon satisfactory student enrollment. Lincoln Prep reserves the right to cancel any course offering due to insufficient enrollment. All enrollees will be given at least one week’s notice and be refunded in full.

Homework: Homework may be assigned to strengthen student understanding from each class meeting. In order to cover the essential concepts of a year-long course, instructors will clearly communicate student expectations in this area.

Dress Code: Students must wear their school uniforms to summer school. Summer school is open to all Great Hearts students. Students are required to conform to Lincoln Preparatory Academy standards of behavior and dress code, outlined in the Family Handbook. Students who attend from other Great Hearts schools may wear the uniform of their school.

Lockers and Snacks: Students will not have access to lockers during summer school. Students may bring a snack to eat during break time but it should be kept in their bag until that time. Snacks are not provided by the school during the summer; please be sure to send snacks with your child if they need them during the day.

Pickup & Drop-Off: Students may be dropped off at school at the east entrance (facing Gilbert Rd.) as early as 7:45 a.m. Students must be picked up no later than 15 minutes after their course ends. If a family needs a student to leave class early, a parent/guardian should notify the Lincoln Prep Summer School Director at least 24 hours ahead. Students will not be released from class without parental notification.

If your student has a sibling taking a summer school course at Archway Lincoln, your student may be picked up on the Archway side, but Prep students are not allowed to grab their Archway sibling themselves. They will wait outside of Archway for their sibling. Normal Archway dismissal procedures will apply to those younger students.

Students with Allergies and/or Medications: Please note that you must provide the Summer School Director with any medication (clearly labeled with name and instructions) prior to your child attending the first day of their summer school class. Students will not have access to the front office or health assistant.

Behavior: Students are expected to behave in a manner consistent with the behavioral expectations of Lincoln as outlined in the Lincoln Prep Family Handbook. Please click the link and review the policy. Students removed from a class or activity for disciplinary reasons will jeopardize their continued enrollment in the program as well as their registration fee(s).

Get Registered in the Payment Portal – all information and details can be found in the portal as well.

Summer School 2024 Course Offerings table